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Bank account opening requirements explained in details.

How to open your offshore bank account with ease?

Open your bank account without meeting with the bank

Opening your offshore bank account at distance, without meeting with the bank, is still possible with our bank introduction services, our bank compliance experts are very well placed to prepare the right profile risk and then facilitate your bank onboarding process

Offshore bank account without travelling is an opportunity which might disappear in a near future so if you are willing to do so you should take action now.

We are specialized for offshore bank account opening in Mauritius and we regularly introduce clients to a few banks in Mauritius.

We setup companies and open foreign business bank account in Mauritius without having the need to travel there or to meet a bank representative elsewhere in the world

As our experts are based in Hong Kong we also provide foreign business bank account in Hong Kong assistance but you will have to travel to Hong Kong, it’s absolutely mandatory.

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