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Bank account opening requirements explained in details.

How to open your offshore bank account with ease?

Current Business

Opening an offshore bank account is requesting a lot of explanation to the bank in what is commonly named the KYC process; your existing activities in your country of residence should be documented.

This page is about the existing company, if you are willing to open a bank account for a new company you will have to first explain shortly about your existing company then only you will have to describe the new project, please refer to business plan information on this website.

Depending on the financial institution the list of requirements vary, please find below the most often requested document and information about your existing activities for an offshore bank account opening.

Means of proof, documents requested by a bank:

  1. Your business card
  2. Website address
  3. Brochures, catalogs, printed company presentation
  4. Copies of invoices to your customers
  5. Copies of bill of lading, delivery receipts, freight invoices to your customers
  6. Three to five copies of invoices from your suppliers
  7. Business cards from your customers and suppliers
  8. Bank statement of your existing company
  9. Incorporation documents of your existing company
  10. Pictures of your office and factory
  11. Accounting and audit documents could be required if the beneficial owner is from a high risk country.

Questions often asked by a bank to a new business customer:

  1. How many years of experience within the industry / your market?
  2. Number of employees and locations?
  3. Names of customers, with respective websites
  4. Names of suppliers, with respective websites
  5. Turnover and currencies
  6. Detailed activities explanations

If you need a bank account opening assistance in Hong Kong or be supported by our bank introduction services for an offshore bank account please contact us by email.

If you bank account opening have been rejected, if you are denied a bank account opening by a bank our team of experts will redirect you to new potential banks.