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Bank account opening requirements explained in details.

How to open your offshore bank account with ease?

Identity & Residence

Identity and residence checks are one of the basic bank account opening requirements, most of the time banks will request the originals during the bank account opening interview.

When opening a bank account at distance the bank will request a notarized passport copy, in certain case the Apostil but sometime a bank could accept that a Certified Public Accountant certify your identity.

  1. Passport copy > the passport should be valid for the next six months
  2. Identity card > valid for the next six months
  3. Your resume / CV with your contact details (address, phone, mobile phone, email address)
  4. Dual citizenship should absolutely be declared to the bank

Address proof
  1. Utility bill under your name of less than 3 months old such as electricity and gaz
  2. Bank statement or bank reference letter of less than 3 months old or/ and utility bill

Credit card statement, property rental agreement, driving license and mobile phone bills are usually not requested neither accepted by major banks

The best proof of residency remains the bank reference letter which also shows your financial status to the new bank / financial institution.

The documents should be in Latin alphabet, clearly showing your name, exactly the same name as shown on your passport.

The country of residence is of paramount importance for the bank account opening process, firstly because there is a list of high risk countries which the bank might refuse then because the bank will have to report as of OECD automatic data exchange of financial information.

Your residency should obviously be in line with your phone number, any changes will have to be announced.

KYC or Know Your Customer is a serious process, evolution of regulations and laws are putting banks under intense pressure, inclusion of tax crimes in FATF recommendations and the anti-money laundering laws are drastically changing the onboarding process of new clients.